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The British Bell Tea Room

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Green Tea Flavored Teas

Enchanted Berry

A combination of raspberry and blueberry flavours.

Strawberry Creme

A bitter strawberry tea with creamy notes.

Pomegranate Black

A delicious green tea with small pomegranate bits.

Rooibo Teas

Caramel Cream

Sweet tea with creamy caramel rooibos.


A delicious marriage of lime, mint, and strong black tea.

Chocolate Mint

A tea with a chocolate mint taste accented with chocolate brittle, chocolate and flavoring.

Black Tea Classics

Ceylon Kenilworth

An excellent full body with a hint of sweetness.

Assam Satrupa

A bold morning tea; Accepts milk and sugar.

Kenya Milima

A very flavorful tea with notes of peaches and apricots.

English Breakfast Supreme

Start the day with this delicious, traditional morning tea.

English Breakfast Decaf

Decaffeinated morning tea; Using the CO2 process and no chemicals.

Herbal Teas

Oolong Tung Ting

Lightly fermented with a smooth delicate body.

Darjeeling Estate

First flush with a fine, fresh flower note.

Sencha FukuuJJyu

A clear liquoring; soft and mild.

Berry Patch

A fruity sweet tea with berry bits.

Lotta Colada

An exotic tasting tea with a pineapple, coconut fruit blend.

Black Tea Flavored Teas

Peaches 'N Flowers

A popular tea that has a 'peachy' taste hinted with small peach bits.

Raspberry Black

A sweet raspberry taste accented with raspberry leaves and bits.

Pomegranate Black

A stronger, bitter, caffeinated tea with a pomegranate taste and pomegranate bits.

Earl Grey a la Créme

A strong and creamy bergamot tea.

Chai Americaine

A spicy cinnamon tang; great with milk and sugar.


A vanilla peppermint tea with little red sprinkles.

Decaf Apricot

An apricot flavour with marigold blossoms, decaffeinated using the CO2 process and no chemicals.

Irish Breakfast

Chase the chill of the morning with this strong, black cup of tea.

London High Tea

An old English recipe with a sweet, yet mild note.

Russian Caravan

A very strong scented tea with smoky citrus taste and orange peels.

Piña Colada

A tropical tasting tea consisting of a pineapple and coconut taste with some pineapple and coconut bits.


Sweet tea with a chocolate-blueberry taste.

Vanilla a la Créme

A very sweet tea. A vanilla cream taste with pieces of vanilla.